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So we’ve all been there – work might be piling up and our boss asks to submit that report a day early or we are asked to deliver an important presentation – it may simply be that we’ve taken on too much and we’re spinning too many plates across our personal and professional lives. That […]
Times are incredibly hard – we’ve entered a 2nd lockdown and are deprived of our normal day to day routine and social contact with our loved ones. I’m hearing on a daily basis the struggles of so many people – people unable to see their partners, elderly and vulnerable loved ones. People’s need for social contact […]
Taking Control of Your Life
Do you find yourself living according to other people? Are you the type of person who struggles to say “no”.  So whose life is this anyway? Think about it for a moment – you are the expert in your life and you are the best person to know what it is you want and need. Sometimes […]
Being Kind to Yourself
Do you find yourself stretched and unable to meet your own needs? So many of us find we have competing priorities – work, home, partners, friends, pets can all take up valuable time and energy. So much so, that I am frequently told by clients that they are never able to find time for themselves. […]
New Year…New Start!!??
Happy New Year!!Did you start the new year with renewed vigour and on a positive footing – are you now struggling to keep focused and motivated? If so, this is a familiar story and one I hear often!Over the festive season, taking time away from our normal routine can help us to evaluate and see things differently. Many of us set off […]
How To Find The Right Therapist For You
Therapy is a term used to describe Counselling, Psychotherapy & Coaching and therapists are trained to work with a wide range of issues such as bereavement, confidence, anxiety, depression, relationship issues & trauma to name but a few. Short term therapy may be available via your GP, your employer if they operate an EAP scheme(Employee Assistance), or your school/ college so […]

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