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New Year…New Start!!??

Happy New Year!!

Did you start the new year with renewed vigour and on a positive footing – are you now struggling to keep focused and motivated? If so, this is a familiar story and one I hear often!

Over the festive season, taking time away from our normal routine can help us to evaluate and see things differently. Many of us set off well with our New Years Resolutions – but did you set too many? It’s so tempting to aim to Declutter, Lose Weight, Get Fit, Sort Finances and perhaps even Start A Business or Change A Job or Career. My suggestion to you is that if you didn’t manage to tackle all of these last year then why is January going to be any different?

Rename it – Dont call it your New Year Resolution – call it your Goal or Objective – this is helping you to look forward – to make it happen now and in the future

Bite Size Chunks  – Firstly don’t try to eat the elephant whole! Break your goals down so they are more manageable – focus on 1 or maybe 2 that are going to make the biggest difference or are most important to you. Next set mini targets to achieve this goal over a period of time eg a a target for week, 1, month 1 month 3, month 6 – whatever is appropriate for your goal 

Prioritise Time – I know this is obvious but, believe me, is frequently overlooked – make a date and time in your diary or on your calendar if you are going to make this one happen  

Practise, Practise, Practise – Whatever the change you want, you need to make it become a regular habit. Creating new habits is always tricky but if we do it regularly and often enough then it will become a new habit

Share Your Goal – talk about what it is you are going to achieve – be positive and own your goal – live it and breathe it to make it happen

Stay On Course – If you go off track, you have not ‘blown it’ – get back on track. We are only human and creating new habits is hard – don’t waste time beating yourself up, get back on track

And Finally…Enjoy!!! – Remember you have chosen to make this your goal – it’s something you clearly want to achieve, so enjoy and be proud of the process

Celebrate Success – This is important…find positive ways to celebrate success along the way

Good Luck!!! I wish you all the best in achieving your goal/s!!

©2020 Carole Parncutt

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