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Being Kind to Yourself

Do you find yourself stretched and unable to meet your own needs? So many of us find we have competing priorities – work, home, partners, friends, pets can all take up valuable time and energy. So much so, that I am frequently told by clients that they are never able to find time for themselves.  The  issue here is that, if we always put others needs first, it can be a real drain of our energy. If we’re running on empty then we have nothing else to offer others and this is when we start to see Burnout. It’s vital therefore that we don’t rely on holidays to recharge our batteries but instead build self care into our daily routines so it becomes a positive habit.  Don’t think of looking after your own needs as being selfish – consider it a priority & an investment in you. The better you feel in yourself then the more others will benefit too!

Self care can take so many forms – it doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive. It could be taking a bath, going for a swim, playing tennis, a trip to the cinema, baking, writing a journal, going for a dog walk or my personal favourite is to be snuggled up with a good book! There are a zillion other things you could be doing but the key is to find something that enables you to mentally switch off from everyday stuff and be totally absorbed in something you love. Remember when you were a child and would spend hours playing Lego or building a camp – time would just fly by because you were lost in your world. This kind of escapism isn’t purely for children – us adults can reap benefits too.

Start treating yourself as you would your best friend. It never ceases to amaze me that when things get tough we are so hard on ourselves – when our friends are struggling we offer them kind words, our support and maybe a small gift. Start being kind to yourself and ask yourself how you would treat your friend in a similar situation.

Learning to ‘Say No’ can be a tricky one if you are a people pleaser and always agreeing to everyone else’s wishes and demands. It can however make a monumental difference in our lives, free up time, help us to refocus our priorities and gain a little balance in our lives. 

Surround yourself with people who make you feel positive – You know the friends that make you feel good about yourself and those perhaps who feel harder work. This doesn’t mean drop the latter friends but make sure that you have a good balance and spend plenty of time with those who recharge your batteries.

Surround yourself with pleasurable & comforting things – good food, perfume or aftershave, candles, fresh flowers can all bring a smile to anyone’s face. Think about the use of colour – both within your home and what you wear. 

Introduce something positive in to in to your life on a daily basis – make it a habit to last a lifetime and most of all ENJOY!!

©2020 Carole Parncutt

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